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Carelink is an Emmanuel Christian Centre community service which aims to demonstrate love through practical means. This is mainly by the provision of meals and practical help in the running of a home. It is the hope and passion of the Carelink team that users of the service may discover how valued they are, and that real Christianity involves service and care.

For further information or to request a service please contact the Carelink Coordinator, Lynne Matthews, on 01229 584562.

Community Meals

The meals on wheels service previously run by the local council. Freshly prepared lunches are delivered piping hot directly to a customer’s home for a nominal fee. This is a vital service, especially for the vulnerable and alone.

Free Meal Service

Offered to anyone in our community experiencing a short term crisis such as an illness or financial hardship. We don’t have set criteria or means testing and we aim to serve anyone who may benefit from this service. 

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