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The family of Emmanuel Christian Centre extends beyond geographical boundaries and we know there is a world that needs God's love.
Although we're not all called to travel the globe, we see that God wants us to be connected with what He is doing locally and worldwide.

Here you will find friends of Emmanuel, ministries we support, and some of the connections God has made:

Joseph C Hedgecock image

JCH Publications

The Books of Pastor JC Hedgecock

The publications of the late Joseph C. Hedgecock are about truly knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. Emmanuel Christian Centre is blessed to have know Joseph and to still benefit from his resources.


Warren Evans

CEO Sports Chaplaincy UK

Warren is known as a resourceful leader who loves to see people succeed. He promotes chaplaincy throughout the world of sport and is often in the media. He's a friend of Emmanuel, Ulverston.


Dr Hugh Osgood

Charis Communications

Hugh Osgood is a gifted Bible teacher, national leader and ministry facilitator.  He's the founding President of Churches in Communities International and we are honoured to partner with his work.


Trevor Howard

CIC International

Trevor is a minister and inter-church consultant representing ECC and other independent churches on national forums and councils. We are thankful for his service and dedication on our behalf.


Adrian Tamblyn-Watts

Bible Alive Teaching Ministry

As much a member of our Emmanuel family as he is a friend, Adrian and his wife Lyn lead Bible Alive Teaching Ministry. Adrian is also a lecturer and moderator at SA Theological Seminary. 


Humphries Family

Mission Guatemala

Supported by their family, Russ and Linda respond in a variety of ways to help the disadvantaged indigenous communities in Guatemala. Through many trials they help anyone in need.


Phil Knox

Evangelism Specialist

Phil Knox is a missiology expert at the Evangelical Alliance. Passionate about the gospel, he has been a friend and an encouragement to Emmanuel and the wider UK Church.

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