The aim of House Groups at Emmanuel is to foster a sense of community throughout the Church and to create an environment where members can build relationships, grow together spiritually, pray and learn. The current groups have different formats and no two are the same, as you might expect being led by people with differing but equally valuable gifts.


This forms a vital connection between God and each other. House Groups are a place of prayer as we seek God together in unity.

"...pray for one another, that you may be healed"

James 5:16


This is the gift of welcoming one another and showing love in action. House Groups are a place to love Jesus by demonstrating hospitality. 

"Share with the Lord's people; practice hospitality"

Romans 12:13


Showing support to one another is akin to serving Jesus directly. House Groups are a place to show faith with works of loving obedience.

"what you did for one of the least, you did for Me"

Matthew 25:40

When you meet together...

let everything be done to build up the church family. Whether you share a song of praise, a teaching, a divine revelation, or a tongue and interpretation, let each one contribute what strengthens others.

1 Corinthians 14:26

House Group Leaders

David and Lisa Smith

David & Lisa

House-group Leaders

The Smith's lead, coach, encourage and support. They care for the underdog, for wellbeing, and they want everyone to thrive.

Stuart Matthews & Elizabeth

Stuart & Elizabeth

House-group Leaders

The Matthews' demonstrate God's pastoral heart and they love to see people grow into more of God's love.

Abbey Smith

Abbey Smith

Youth Leader

Abbey leads the youth with her caring, compassionate, joyful, and Jesus-loving personality. She has a heart for the whole Church.

Colin & Sue Thornhill

Colin & Sue

House-group Leaders

The Thornhill's aim to make everyone feel special and loved. Matthew 5:7 is their life message; showing mercy (acts of kindness).

Paul Sedgwick Karen Sedgwick

Paul & Karen

House-group Leaders

The Sedgwick's want to make people feel loved, welcomed and connected. Hospitality should be their middle name!

Go Team

Church Council

The board of trustees

The current board is Darren Roy, David Smith, Colin Thornhill, Paul Sedgwick and Pia Sonnek.