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Royal Rangers is a uniformed, practical based programme involving scouting type activities, adventure in the outdoors and achievement.

There are more than 200,000 Royal Rangers outposts in over 90 nations, 35 of which are in Europe. We offer programmes for children aged 11-17 and provide the perfect mix of fun and accomplishment.



Providing a common interest away from everyday life, scouting helps to develop resilience, purpose, confidence and a sense of adventure.



Adventure and fun with others is a key reward of being a Royal Ranger. Enjoy friendships with fellow rangers and other outposts around the world.



Progressing through the merit system, rangers receive recognition for their skills, knowledge, service and personal growth.

The Rangers Motto:  "Ready", ready for anything!

The Rangers Code:  A ranger is alert, clean, honest, courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient and spiritual.


Opening up a world of adventure, the merit system includes activities ranging from bushcraft to bowling, archery to abseiling, drill parades to drawing, fire starting to first aid, kayaking, cooking, and everything in between! 

Karen Sedgwick

Paul & Karen Sedgwick

Senior Outpost Leaders

With Paul's desire to pass wisdom on to the next generation, and Karen's passion for adventure, the Sedgwick's coordinate the Outpost with skill and enthusiasm.

Nahum Matthews and Abbey

Nahum & Abbey Matthews

Outpost Leaders

With Nahum's calm and receptive personality, and Abbey's heart for young people to thrive, the Matthews' assist with leading the Outpost by being role-models and guides.

Being connected to a local church, Royal Rangers doesn't just give an opportunity for an individual to learn skills and have fun but also provides the opportunity to develop spiritually.

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