The overall leadership at ECC rests with the Senior Minister and other ordained ministers from the Church Council.
Other people are responsible for the day-to-day management or ministry in specific areas. Of course, there is a wider team who faithfully lead or serve in our various departments - 'community' being one of our core vales.

Photo of Darren Roy
Darren Roy

Senior Minister

Revd Darren Roy is a free-church minister with local and national responsibilities. He oversees the team, mission and ministry, and promotes our vision to know God.

Lisa Smith

Chaplain (Students & Young Adults)

Lisa is a chaplain serving students and young adults. She loves to see people thrive and is an advocate for mental wellbeing which she promotes with Be Me Project.

Elder David Smith
David Smith


David is an elder at Emmanuel. He's known as an encourager and coach, and his disciplined life is an example to the church here. 

Adrian Tamblyn Watts profile pic
Adrian Tamblyn-Watts

Christian Teacher

Adrian is a teacher serving in the SA Theological Seminary and ECC's school of ministry. He is a fellow of the International Council for Evangelical Theology (ICETE).

Group Leaders

Deacons and house-group leaders are at the heart of life at our Church in Ulverston. They aim to foster a sense of community by providing opportunities for members to build relationships, grow spiritually, receive support, pray and learn.

David and Lisa Smith

David & Lisa

Group Leaders

The Smith's encourage, coach and support. They care for the underdog, for people's wellbeing, and they want everyone to thrive.

Paul Sedgwick Karen Sedgwick

Paul & Karen


The Sedgwick's want to make people feel loved, welcomed and connected. Hospitality and servanthood are gifts they display. 

Abbey Smith

Abbey Smith

Youth Leader

Abbey leads the youth with her caring, compassionate, joyful, and Jesus-loving personality. She has a heart for the whole church.

Colin & Sue Thornhill

Colin & Sue


The Thornhill's aim to make everyone feel special and loved. Matthew 5:7 is their life message; showing mercy (acts of kindness).

Stuart Matthews & Elizabeth

Stuart & Elizabeth

Group Leaders

The Matthews' demonstrate a pastoral heart. They love to see people grow into a closer walk with God and more of His love.

Go Team

Church Council

The board of trustees

The current board is Darren Roy, David Smith, Colin Thornhill, Paul Sedgwick and Andrew Wright.